Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lil Dick Men Need Love Too :)

I can't really speak for CJ - we actually do not know one another and I don't know much about his life personally - but even though I write these stories and what not, I'm actually NOT that sexually active. I'm someone who will go 6 - 8 months without sex and not give it a second thought. Most of the stories I write come from imagination with a little insight from people and their lives. Or I'll see something and just write about it.

Don't get me wrong, yes I enjoy sex but I'm weird with it. Check it - ok, so I'm like 5'5, 133 and I LOVEEEEEE men who are 6'0 (or so) and weigh about 220-225 (or so) with POT BELLIES!! OMG, I LOVE pot bellies. I also like small dicks, lol! Ok, sounds funny - and don't go thinking I can't handle no dick, cause TRUST me I can (I enjoy a big one when it comes down to suckin a dick, I've got killer skills - more on that later...LOL). I really have no reason why I like them and not to say the guy I'm boinking now has a lil dick, I just do. The guy I'm boinking now is actually PERFECT! Pot belly and PERFECT size dick that fits every where PERFECT :). He's a very great lover who I'm able to explore many positions with - I didn't know sitting on a dick could be so fun, lol. Naw, let me stop - he's great though.

Ok, I'm just babbling on- this whole blog came from having conversation with someone I used to boink. He is slim, nice 6 pack, HUGE dick - etc and he is asking about us hooking up or whatever. I'm telling him it's not possible because of dude I'm dating right now and he starts asking me hows the sex. LOL. I told him my friend has a pot belly and I love it, etc, etc and he's like WTF yo!! lol. I think I bruised his ego - not my intentions but I love what I like. He knows my friend and I don't boink much and he made a comment that he must be doing something right for me to go a month and not think about fuckin w/ anyone else. Ok, dude was good in bed but he is a rough one - I love my snatch too much to have it beaten up like one of Michael Vick's

Yea - so now everyone knows, I'm not some freak nasty, sex I'm a foxy looking chick who loves everything the everyday chick that looks like me wouldn't like :)